The roots of our business extend back over half a century to an unimposing red brick building in Oklahoma City.

It was 1947 when Lester Sabolich, grandfather of Scott Sabolich, opened his prosthetic clinic. From the very beginning he focused on improving prosthetic design, and thus, improving the lives of patients. Lester’s son, John Sabolich, grew up in the business and at an early age discerned that the work of his father was not about making artificial limbs— it was about restoring people’s lives.
John Sabolich became a certified prosthetist-orthotist and worked side by side with his father until Lester retired.

The Sabolich Prosthetic & Research Center became internationally famous for breakthrough prosthetic designs such as the patented Sabolich Socket. They were equally well known for providing unsurpassed patient care and for serving patients from all over the world.

The business continued to grow, building a staff of more than 100 associates, and establishing satellite facilities in three other states. The center was featured in such publications as USA Today, National Geographic and Popular Science, and on television programs including Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, and 20/20. In prosthetic circles the Sabolich name was synonymous with advanced technology and quality care.

The flourishing business attracted the attention of NovaCare, a large healthcare service corporation based in Pennsylvania. In 1994, NovaCare purchased Sabolich and became NovaCare-Sabolich. It was later sold to Hanger Prosthetics.

Following in the footsteps of his father John, Scott Sabolich became a prosthetic and orthotic apprentice technician when he was 16 years old. Upon completion of his Bachelor of Science degree, he attended the prosthetics program at Northwestern University and was certified as a prosthetist. Scott worked at NovaCare-Sabolich as a staff prosthetist for two years and then became clinical manager of the Oklahoma City office.

As his career took shape, it became clear to Scott that he wanted to move in a different direction.His plan? To turn away from the corporate-minded formula for managing prosthetic care and reclaim the family-owned, patient-centered approach that was his legacy.

Today Scott is pleased to manage his own 21,000 square-foot prosthetic center including a state-of-the-art 9,000 square-foot clinical lab. More than 40 percent of the patients who visit this center travel from 42 states other than Oklahoma.

Our mission is to build a lifelong partnership with our patients and their families, providing cutting-edge prosthetic care with a warm and personal touch.

This year in the United States, more than 156,000 people will experience the loss of a limb. Some will be infants born without a limb. Some will be in accidents where a limb will be traumatically and permanently injured. But most will suffer from diabetes, vascular disease, or cancer to name a few that will result in an amputation.

Our goal at Scott Sabolich Prosthetics & Research is to restore life for our patients. Our patients come in all ages, sizes, and levels of amputation.

Providing outstanding patient care is important to us. You, the patient, are the reason we are here. It is through meeting your needs that we are able to utilize our advanced skills.

This is a patient-centered facility where each customer’s unique needs and goals guide the work we do on their behalf. Our clinical team of prosthetists and technicians present many different strengths and represent more than 100 years of experience in the prosthetic field.

Socket design, myoelectrics, high performance limbs for athletes—these are just a few of the specialty areas we collaborate on to achieve the best possible results. So whether the patient wishes to compete on a national level or just wants to go grocery shopping, we have the experience, compassion and expertise to help.

Our technicians specialize in finishing each prosthesis with artful shaping, sculpting and coloring. We also have an in-house artist that specializes in airbrushing and tattoos to create almost anything you can image for your prosthesis, with no extra cost to you. It takes many talented hands and minds working together to make a prosthesis that will be your limb– an extension of your body.

The office staff completes our patient care team, focusing on the various non-clinical needs of patients. From coordinating office visits to getting assistance with reimbursement issues, you can expect individualized care. We want you to feel relaxed, listened to and understood.

Our Technology

  • C-Leg Knee
  • Compact Knee
  • Kenevo Knee
  • Genuim Knee
  • X3 Knee
  • Harmony Vacuum Socket System
  • Environmentally Managed Socket (EMS) System
  • Helix 3D Hip
  • Myobock
  • Michelangelo Hand
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Orion Knee
  • Elan Knee
  • Rheo Knee
  • Proprio Ankle
  • Unity Vacuum Socket System
  • Icecast Modular Socket System
  • Plie Knee
  • Limblogic Vacuum Socket System
  • One System (Transfemoral Vacuum Socket)
  • BiOM Ankle System
Motion Control
  • Utah Arm
Touch Bionics
  • i-Limb
RSL Steeper
  • Bebionic