OKC Facility

"It’s rewarding to build something like this-A place where amputees come through the doors in wheelchairs and on crutches and they get their lives back."
-Scott Sabolich, CP,LP, Owner and clinical Director.

Sabolich facilty EntranceThis is a patient-centered facility where each person’s unique needs and goals guide the work we do on their behalf. Our clinical team of prosthetists and technicians present many different strengths and represent more than 100 years of experience in the prosthetic field.

The 9,000 square-foot prosthetic lab provides the perfect environment for continued research and development.



Includes a DVD that features 8 patient profiles and represents all ages and amputation levels, plus an informative patient handbook along with a copy of You're Not Alone. Request yours now!


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''I leave my medical practice in Virginia to go to Oklahoma for prosthetic care because I know they will take good care of me.''

Dr. Fred Duckworth, above-knee amputee
Richmond, VA

''I am able to wear my prosthesis all day, everyday. Most people don't realize I'm an amputee.''

Holley Howard, above-knee amputee
Tyler, TX