It is the socket interface that provides the comfort and control of the prosthesis. A result of the innovative work of John Sabolich, the development of the breakthrough Sabolich Socket for above-knee amputees radically changed life for our patients and the prosthetics field in general.

Unique features of the socket are:thesabolichsocket-photo

  • The totally flexible socket has anatomically-designed channels and grooves for various muscle, bone, tendon, vascular and nerve areas.
  • Built-in reliefs for concentrated pressure spots.
  • Because it is totally flexible around the top, a higher, more intimate fit is possible for better side-to-side control and front-to-back stability.
  • Command and alignment of the thigh bone, preventing shifting within the socket.

Amputees are able to control their prosthesis more effectively, allowing them to re-enter the work force and to participate in recreational activities such as running, dancing and golfing.

The Sabolich Socket and other socket innovations have established greater comfort levels for amputees and demonstrate our diligence to create a socket system that is intimately fit to each particular patient. Since no two patients are the same, no two patients have the same requirements in order to achieve an acceptable level of comfort. Strong collaborative efforts between the clinical and research staff exist to design a prosthetic system tailored to each patient to optimize performance and comfort.