Our experienced team of prosthetists, technicians and patient care specialists are dedicated to enabling each patient to reach their full potential for comfort, function and mobility.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Scott Sabolich, we feature ultra-light, cutting edge prosthetics including the patented Sabolich Socket design. All the tools necessary to create these advanced prosthetics are housed on-site in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab. This is the heart of our facility– where technology and innovation merge to create superior products.

Difficult To Fit

Sometimes patients are categorized as “difficult-to-fit.” This group may include hemipelvectomy, hip disarticulation and shoulder disarticulation patients, as well as those with high-level above-knee or above-elbow amputations. Other unique situations may place a person in the difficult-to-fit category. Working with patients who face these extra challenges is one of the things we do best. If you are faced with a challenging fit, we want to face it with you. We believe you can have a comfortable prosthesis.


The cosmetic covering and physical appearance of a prosthesis is referred to “cosmesis.” Cosmesis is truly an art form and something we specialize in at our center. Advances in limb shaping and cosmetic coverings can allow for amazingly close matches in skin tone, texture, and even the appearance of hair, freckles, and veins. Great efforts are made to sculpt, color and finish a limb that matches the patient’s sound limbs.

Some of our patients have even asked us to include a tattoo on their prosthetic limb. Artwork or pictures can be laminated into the socket as another way of customizing the “look” of your prosthesis.