Research and development plays a critical role in advancing most scientific endeavors. We understand the immense importance of research and development and the direct impact it has on our patient’s lives.

John Sabolich, CPO, devoted over thirty years of his career to developing much of the technology that has shaped the field. Throughout his career, he combined intensive research efforts with daily clinical practice. His leadership in the field of prosthetics is unparalleled. International recognition of his accomplishments has attracted patients from many different countries. He has been the recipient of national awards that honor his business and humanitarian achievements. His recent projects, including the Neuropathic Foot Protection System for diabetics, earned research grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Medical Research.

The prosthetics research and design industry is entering a groundbreaking and exciting era. Revolutionary technology promises to radically enhance the capabilities of patients. Our designs will allow the prosthesis to sense, think, and respond to the environment. In addition, integrating the prosthesis and the human brain will allow the amputee to actually feel with their device.

We are leading the way in the critical fields of artificial intelligence, environmental feedback, miniaturization, materials design, and motorized articulation. We are creating designs that are radically different than conventional thinking by using advanced sensor technologies, smart control systems, and innovative computer modeling. We continue to innovate and develop numerous products that are literally designs of the future.

We anticipate and envision what prosthetics will look and feel like ten to twenty years from now and strive to make them realities within the next two to four years. We continually strive to give 100 percent functionality back to our patients through innovation, which will become reality as technological breakthroughs emerge.