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Find common forms needed for new patients listed below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact our office for a pre-surgical consultation and information packet at no charge. Call our Oklahoma City Office at (405) 841-6800 or our Dallas office at (214) 382-9270 or call us toll free at (877) 226-5424  our information packet includes a copy of our book you’re not alone by John and Scott Sabolich. It contains a wealth of information about prosthetics, our patients and our history. It also contains information about resources for amputees, a map to our office and general information.

Depending on healing factors and how your overall health is will determine when you are ready to begin the process.  If you have no other problems and your wound is well healed, you can start the process in approximately 6-8 weeks.

You have a closer relationship with your prosthetist than any other healthcare provider after your amputation. It is important to ask questions before committing yourself to their care. Here are some things you want to know:

  • How many patients with your level of amputation have they work with?
  • How many licensed or certified practitioners do they have on staff?
  • How many years have they been practicing as a licensed clinician?
  • Do you like him or her? Is this someone you can see yourself working with in the future?

The best way to inquire about the cost of prosthetic care is to call our office and speak with a financial counselor. They will talk to you about your insurance coverage and co-pays. If you don’t have insurance they will try to help you find a miracle payment source or connect you with a nonprofit foundation like the Limbs for Life foundation.

No! The price of prosthetic care is dictated by Medicare and insurance companies. If we are contracted with your insurance company we can only build a contracted rate. If we are not contracted we will make every effort to keep cost to at a minimum and negotiate rates with your insurance company.  We have contracts with hundreds of insurance companies.

Depending on the level of amputation and degree of difficulty with your fit, it may take multiple appointments to achieve the desired outcome and comfortable fit.

Contact us for information about our local online support group Modified. The Amputee Coalition of America also has a list of support groups nationwide at

You should see your progress the test every six months or:

  • If you’ve experienced weight gain or loss or your prosthesis no longer fits well.
  • If you are activity level or health has changed.
  • If you’re prosthesis is no longer functional incorrectly.

Yes. Please call our office for the current list of hotels and discounts.

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