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Our experience team of prosthetists, technicians and patient care specialists are here for you. Explore some of the services that set us apart from other providers.

We are dedicated to maximizing the comfort, function and mobility of your prosthesis.

Our experience team of prosthetists, technicians and patient care specialists are here for you. Explore some of the services that set us apart from other providers.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Scott Sabolich Prosthetics, we feature ultralight flexible, comfortable, cutting edge materials and components including the patented Sabolich Socket. Our high tech tools are housed on site in our state-of-the-art fabrication lab. This is the heart of our facility-where technology and innovation, merge to create superior prosthetic devices.

Expertise for Difficult-to-Fit Patients

Sometimes patients are categorized as “difficult to fit” due to the level of amputation, shape of the residual limb, integrity of the residual limb or mechanism of injury. This group may include all levels of amputations. Working with patients who face extra challenges is one of our strengths and one that has made us a world leader. If you are faced with a challenging fit we are committed to fabricating a comfortable high functioning prosthesis for you.


The cosmetic covering and physical appearance of a prosthesis is referred to as “cosmesis.” Cosmesis is truly an art form and one of our many specialties. Advances in limb shaping and cosmetic coverings allow for amazingly close matches in skin tone, texture and even the appearance of hair, freckles and veins. Another feature that you will find in very few facilities is custom artwork. We have our own in-house artist who will airbrush a custom, one of a kind design of your choosing onto your socket. These true works of art are often exciting points of conversation with kids and strangers.


Our prosthetic team understands your individual needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to restore and improve the active lifestyle for patients with mobility challenges. Scott Sabolich features an extensive collection of prosthetic solutions for all types of patients and people, custom fabricated in our state-of-the-art lab by qualified technicians and prosthetists.


At Scott Sabolich our expert team has decades of combined experience in creating just the right fit for your prosthetic needs.

Silicone Restoration

Silicone restoration offers a natural-looking solution for covering your prosthesis. Partial Foot prostheses have rapidly evolved in recent years terms of design and materials. Today’ designs are fabricated from silicone which simulates human tissue much more accurately the plastics or rubberized epoxy. The form and function of a partial foot prosthesis has advanced dramatically in the last few years. This is important because of the tremendous pressure that is applied to the ball of the partial foot when you walk. Our sockets are highly contoured to match the normal anatomy of the foot which is critical for stability and function.


Another benefit that is unique to Scott Sabolich is our custom in-house artwork. We have on staff an artist who will hand paint any design of your choosing onto your prosthetic socket. The design is then clear coated for a lifetime customized piece of art. There is no additional charge for this feature but we only provide this service for our own sockets.

Mobile Prosthetic Services

For over 70 years we’ve delivered clinical excellence in each of our state-of-the-art facilities. We are now excited to deliver that same excellence straight to your door from our Dallas location, serving the greater Dallas-Fort Worth areas with our mobile prosthetic clinic, bringing our lab directly to you for casting, modifying, and delivery of your custom fit prosthesis. Our licensed and certified prosthetists will ensure your fit and any adjustments needed are provided just as easily and efficiently as they are in our office. Please call us for service information or an appointment.